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3 Tips for Approaching Women

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

My 3 top tips to approach, attract and put yourself in the best position when approaching a girl/woman.

As you know, approaching women can be difficult. You are nervous about pretty much everything. You feel adrenalin pumping through your body and you think of every excuse in the book to not approach the woman that you find attractive.


1. Accept the adrenalin pumping and change your mindset. The nervousness that you feel is a biological reaction what you are seeing. It is basically telling you "Here is a woman. She is someone I want to pro-create with. I am ready to do it." It is a beautiful natural reaction from our body giving us a heads alert that it is pro-create time. It sounds funny now in this society and in this day and age but this is what it was like in day when we had REAL struggles. Nowadays, especially in the west, we are all priviledged! The nervousness of approaching never goes away so do not fight it. Take a deep breath. Accept that you are nervous. Tell yourself "It is normal, it is ok" and just start walking towards the woman. Do the approach anyway. With resistance, there has to be persistance.

Top Tip 2

2. It is a numbers game. The more you do it, the easier it gets. Your knowledge increases of what different types of women actually want in the approach and which things they react to the best. Approaching can lead to a variety of outcomes, positive and negative, but in order to reduce the negative approaches, there needs to be practice. Practice makes perfect. You may approach 100 girls and only 10 give their number. Out of those 10, 5 respond to your text and 1 girl you meet on a date. This terrible conversion rate will get better the more you approach!

Top Tip 3

3. Know when to stop/proceed. Basic human psychology as well as body language can help you realise when the girl is saying no or yes. Each woman will respond in certain ways to both a no and a yes. For example, if you are talking to her and you can see her backing away slowly, you know that she is not comfortable yet and you need stay in position. Do not step towards the woman if she is taking a step back. She is creating that space for a reason. You can even joke and say "Don´t worry, I don´t bite!". Keep everything light-hearted. Positive responses from women include her standing there in front of you and not making an excuse to get away. It is as simple as that!

Comment your approaches below and let us know how they went...the good and the bad!

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