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Abundance - Why is it so key?

Abundance is the ability to have options. Having a variety of options for obvious reasons is something that all guys strive for. I say all guys because women have abundance naturally. But for guys, we have to build up our abundance. We have to develop ourselves to the point where we become attractive enough to be allowed to have abundance. And then the real game starts of actually going out there and getting it.

But why is abundance so key? Why is it that you should strive for it as a man?

  1. Confidence - Again we are using the "c" word. If you are dating 1 girl, you feel great. You feel confident BUT if that girl stops replying or slows down replying, your natural

reaction is to chase because you do not have anyone else. You start falling into the one-itus mindset. If you have 2 or 3 or more girls, you feel less pressure to chase and you rather sit back and let things happen because you know that you have options, or

at least you know you have the ability to find other girls. This attitude helps retain women too as they feel the no pressure vibe from you and inherently want to chase you for your attention.

  1. Attractive - If women see you hanging out with other women (especially beautiful women) via social media or real life, they will instantly view you as a guy with value.

Women want a guy that every woman wants to fuck and every man wants to be like. They will instinctively see you as a viable option. You just have to make it clear that the girl you are with is not your girlfriend and you are still on the market to date.

  1. Learning - It will teach you 2 skills which are important. Controlling the frame and flexibility. You will inevitably have to answer questions about other girls if you are dating a girl. You shouldnt lie but you can definitely frame things in a way that will make the situation easier for the girl to understand. For example, instead of saying "Yes I´m fucking other girls, I´m single.." you should say, "Listen, I am seeing other girls but that doesn´t mean I don´t like you. Actually, I would say that I do like you and that we have a different connection than just "friends with benefits". I mean look at can I not like you? I understand if you want to walk away, there is the door,

but that is not what I want." She is going to respect you for being upfront as well as being so direct about it.

Let me know if you have any questions. Of course there are other reasons too but I chose to talk about these 3 today.


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