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Choose your friends carefully

"You are the sum of the 4 people you hang out with"


You have to look at this quote and, that is completely true. If you hang around with rich people, you will probably end up learning a lot of things and become rich yourself. If you hang around with people who drink alcohol, you will probably end up drinking alcohol. Each person that is in your social circle or each person that you consider a friend will influence you in some way, whether you consciously allow it or not. This is why it is extremely important to handpick and be picky when choosing friends. Any connection, relationship, friendship etc is based on value exchange. You are friends with someone because they provide you with something and you provide them with something (not necessarily tangible things).

If your friends are sharing the same interests as you, that is great. That means that one day when you are demotivated, they will able to bring you will be able to rise from the ashes and become more motivated. If you go to the gym and your friends also go to the gym, the day when you feel lazy and tired is the day your friend should turn around and say "Get your ass up, we are going to the gym." If they do not do that, then you have think "Do you really care about me and my objectives?"

Another reason why it is crucial to have such a trusted group of friends around you is that you want them to have your back just as much as you have their back. You want to be able to rely on them if there was any situation. Loser friends and friends who are a waste of time will not be there for you. In fact, hanging out with losers will eventually turn you into a loser and become that person that noone can rely on.

For the guys reading, if your friends are afraid to approach girls, then it will demotivate you to also approach girls and you will just end up doing the same thing, having the same experiences, and hanging around the same people that have been doing all your life anyway. For the girls reading, particularly if you are in a relationship, your single friends are very likely to give you destructive advice. After having spoken to 1000s of people, I have heard countless stories of women being influenced by their friends whilst being in a relationship and this influence led to bad decisions being made. Watch out who you hang out with.

What you all need to do is question who you hang out with and ask yourself, "Are they really worth hanging out with?" "Are they really bringing me up in life or pulling me down?"

P.s. - Another point for the men. Dont hang out with cowards. If they cant approach a girl, they are a coward. Cowardice behaviour also can have detrimental affects too. If you find yourself in a situation where some guys are being aggressive towards you and your friends and you all have to defend yourself, can you really rely on your friends to have your back if they can´t even approach a girl....

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