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Entitlement - Why you should have this mindset (to some degree)

It is frustating when we are trying to attraction someone and we receive some kind of attitude. Like they think they are better than us. Sometimes, it is because they truly believe that they are better than us. Other times, it is just an act. Either way, being entitled to some degree is necessary.

  1. It keeps your standards high. If you believe to be entitled, then you will have higher expectations of what happens. You will always be looking towards the top rather than the bottom which is definitely beneficial for people in most things in life.

  2. If you believe your entitled, other people will perceive you as a higher value person and therefore more attractive.

  3. On top of that, other higher value people will also want to hang around with you as well as introduce you to the people they know. It could be a good way to get involved in a social group that may provide you with some great experiences and information.

  4. If you are not being entitled to some degree, are you thinking less of yourself than you deserve? Are you believing that you are not deserving of certain things or people?

The whole idea of entitlement is to believe you are deserving of something or someone because your value is high enough. Of course, you do not want to go over the top to be so entitled that you put others down. Definitely not! But you want to definitely be entitled enough to maintain your standards and boundaries.

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