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Fashion is Key and Easy To Get Right

Men! Sometimes, I dont understand how some of you get clothing so wrong. I know a lot of you are thinking "Why do I care about my clothes? I have better things to think about."

Well unfortunately for you, the dating market relies a lot on first impressions. Clothing is a huge part of that. Whether you like it or not, you will be judged just as much as you judge women on what they wear.

Im going to give you some top tips for clothing. These will be simple tips that you can apply today. Tips that do not require a lot of investment of money. In fact, buying expensive clothes isnt necessary at all.

  1. Buy clothes that are your size. Not too small. Not too big. A light regular fit goes a long way.

  2. Do NOT wear clothes with a lot of design. I know a lot of you love to wear clothing with your favourite bands on. I mean, at home it is great but if you really want a girl

to check you out or even take the date seriously, you need to step up your game. Wearing plain clothes will give a much more relaxed sensation for you and

for her, whether it is a plain shirt (much like this guy on the right) or a plain t-shirt. 3. Do not mix more than 3 colours in one outfit. It can be confusing and also a lot of the times, it wont go together very well.

4. Know the occasion you are dressing up for. If it is a relaxed date, then you do not need to wear a suit. If it is a high end place, you want to put on a suit or at least pants and a shirt. Having the social awareness of how to fit in when need be is crucial.

5. Accessories are great! Remember, accessories such as bracelet, watches, rings, necklaces etc can compliment your style and take it up a notch. Now I know some of you wouldnt be comfortable with it all which I understand. For some of you, it wont even go with your style. So lets say this is more of a bonus tip for men who can pull it off. If you can pull it off, it will give you that bad boy edge which can make you stand out from the crowd.

Put these into practice men and hopefully I will see you guys on a call soon. Consistency is key. Do not accept average. Be better. Stephen Be That Social Guy

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