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How Men Should Approach In A Bar

You could search the whole internet for this information and you would come across a variety of information completely contradicting. Here I will give you the quick simple and easy way to approach in a bar. It is not as complicated as you think and it should not be complicated at all. We are all human. We are all on the planet and we are all equal. Here is what you can say and why it is said:

  1. Eye contact - if you see a girl you like, try to get her eye contact. That does not mean staring at her. It means glancing over subtly, from a distance preferably, every now

and again. If she looks back, holds eye contact for a split second longer than normal, looks away and especially plays with her hair, she maybe interested. It is enough of an indicator to approach.

  1. In this moment, you should not hesistate. The more you hesistate, the more difficult it will be to approach. It is all about action and quick action. Walk over to her. Allow your legs to move. Clear your mind as much as possible. You are not in any threat of your safety so do not worry.

  2. First you need to get the girls attention. If you come from the front, eye contact and a

smile once eye contact is locked. If you come from the side, a loud "Excuse me" and even a tap on the shoulder. The key thing is to get their full attention.

  1. Start with a subtle compliment. Do not make the compliment too obvious but starting

with something positive will a) Show your intents from the beginning and b) Start the interaction of positively. For example, "Excuse me, I just want to say that you have really cool fashion" or "Excuse me, I really like your hairstyle, it looks so cool!". It can be anything. Unless she is a complete bitch, she will say thank you.

  1. From there, you can start some basic questions...."interview questions". Hopefully she will ask in return too. If she does, perfect. If not, you may have to invest a little more to see if she takes the bait. When answering the questions, you can also remember to positive and negative emotional spikes to keep it more interesting. Teasing is a great way to do this.

It is as simple as that. I want to know how your approaches go.

If you have any questions, please book a session and we can go through everything. Good luck everyone.

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