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Is it really all about looks?


The end.

Of course I am going to explain why but yes, looks are everything. Some people are still shocked to hear it which I believe is shocking. Since the dawn of human time, humans have selected their mates through a variety of ways and looks of course is one of them. Especially for men. Men know that feeling of seeing a beautiful girl and a rush of emotions consume them on the inside although we learn to calm it down. Women to some degree have that too, less with adrenalin and more with nervousness.

Either way, our eyes are the gateway to the world and we like things we believe to be beautiful. Social media arrived and that has been exaggerated more than ever before. Now we have access to beautiful people all over the world...a variety of beauty. We have more choice, or so we think. But our mind is being exposed to a variety of beauty all day every day via social media. It has become norm. So of course our expectations increase with that. We get so used to it that beauty becomes common and we expect people to be beautiful.

Just have a look at the makeup industry. This multibillion dollar industry is NEVER going to die out. In fact, I would argue that it is getting bigger and bigger as the beauty standards increase.

This is extremely difficult for those who believe they arent beautiful. Their confidence

decreases. The way they view everything changes negatively. Their own self-worth is reduced in their eyes and they slowly isolate themselves from others.

It is key to adapt. To continue moving forward. If you believe you are not attractive, ask yourself why? Is it because of social media? Do you look in the mirror and want to change something? You are in control of your reality. Make changes if you have to. Change diet. Start working out. Hang out with people who bring you up.

Ultimately, it is your responsibility to change how people perceive you.

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