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Taking advantage of others is normal human behaviour

Human nature has been defined as the inherent characteristics, feelings, and dispositions that are present in all people. While some aspects of human nature can be positive and lead to collaboration and cooperation, others can be negative and result in taking advantage of others.

Exploitation occurs when one person benefits from the actions of another, often at the latter's expense. This can take many forms, from financial exploitation to emotional manipulation. People may take advantage of others for personal gain, power, or control.

One reason for this behavior is that some individuals have a self-centered view of the world and prioritize their own needs over others. They may not have empathy for those they exploit and are willing to use others to advance their own goals.

Another reason is a lack of morality or ethical principles. When people do not feel bound by moral or ethical standards, they may see nothing wrong with exploiting others. This can result in individuals engaging in criminal activities, such as fraud or theft, or in more subtle forms of exploitation, such as using flattery to manipulate others.

Additionally, unequal power dynamics can also play a role in exploitation. When one person has more power or resources than another, they may use this advantage to take advantage of the other person. This can be seen in workplace exploitation, where employees are taken advantage of by their bosses, or in financial exploitation, where vulnerable individuals are targeted by scams or other forms of financial exploitation.

It is important to be aware of the ways in which people can take advantage of others, and to be mindful of our own actions and intentions. By being aware and standing up against exploitation, we can work towards creating a fairer and more equitable society.

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