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Texting, the Unfortunate Phenomenon

It is a fairly new revelation for people since it has only been around 30 years since texting first started.

It is a form of communication that some would argue is overused and I completely agree with that. Both men and women rely on texting for a variety of conversations that are best had face to face. It is then not difficult to believe that a lot of conversations lead to miscommunication and arguments as a result of texting instead of having the class face to face conversation or even just a video call.

This is why it is crucial that during the "get to know you phase", texting is kept fairly minimal...only to show one another that you can have a normal conversation whilst keeping it light hearted until the date is organised. Save the real talk for face to face. And men, I know that women are more inclined to put a guy in the "texting buddy" catergory, HOWEVER, it is your responsibility to make that not happen. Do NOT blame the woman! If she does that, you didn´t capture her interest enough.

Do NOT joke too hard too. I see plenty of men and women take jokes too far and the other person receives it negatively. Basic light hearted teasing is best. Save the potentially offensives jokes for face to face interactions. It is much easier to track back if you have to.

And finally do not over invest. If you are texting someone a lot or writing much more than them, make sure you reduce it. You do not want to come across as needy as you do not want them to so comfortable with your replies.

Good luck out there everyone!

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