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The Nice Guy or The Asshole

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

One of the Biggest Debates in Dating

So it isn't one or the other. There are certain traits that you can take out from each one and put together to be the respectful asshole. Let me explain. Each one has traits that are desired by women. Each one also has traits that repulse women. The idea is to use the desirable traits and combine together to make an attractive fully grown male.

The traits that you must take out are the following: The Nice Guy - Non threatening

- Holding conversation

- Gives attention

The Asshole Guy

- Confidence

- Carefree

- Direct

- No filter

These are the traits that you need when talking to women. Having a balance of all of them can make a women attracted to you a lot quicker than you think.

How can you develop these traits? What a great question!

The answer is that I teach you how to be these traits. I take real situations. I even take your situations with women you talk to now. We work together. I provide you with a different mindset that you must have when talking to women. With my help and with your willingness to learn, you will pick things up quickly. Click the link below to start your journey now.

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