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The Truth about How to Retain a Man you like REVEALED


This is a message for especially you. Not that it doesn’t apply to men but it mostly applies to women which is why they have to know.

I don’t think you understand how much sex plays a part in our attraction to you to the point where men will lie to have sex and for us, it isn’t a big deal. The old saying “Men fall in love with looks, women fall in love with words,” has been created for a reason.

I see a lot of women make mistakes in dating and then blame the man “You only wanted sex from me”. Well, a lot of the time, yes we do want sex. It is different to what you generally want which is something more stable and long term. You have to vet the guys properly. I´m not saying don’t have sex when you are dating. In fact, an attractive high value man would not wait if you decided to withhold sex. It is a power play. But make sure that the man is aware of your value outside of sex too. Any girl can have sex.

But not every girl can have sex and make a cup of tea or coffee afterwards. These small actions can make you stand out and makes you become irreplaceable as most girls don’t do that. Don’t just do that for any guy, only do it for guys who are worth something but I suppose you wouldn’t be dating just anyone right? But if you are serious about a guy and you want to stand out a bit, putting your ego aside and doing those extra things for him will grab his attention.


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