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Uncertainty = Attractive

When a man meets a women, he is likely to go from 0 to hero in terms of how he feels about her. Heck, even when a man sees a woman in the street, he immediately decides he likes her without even knowing her. This actually connects with something called the halo effect and will be another blog post in itself!

But this is the man's first mistake...and to be honest, because the foundation is set up so fragile and mistake-prone, they will continue to happen. So early on in an interaction with someone and so many cracks later, the foundation crumbles and leaves the guy wondering "What did I do wrong?"

Well...your first mistake was making it too easy.

And actually, that is the biggest mistake a guy can make. Yes, logically on the outside, it doesn't make too much sense.

"So I shouldn't show the girl I like her?" "I shouldn't be nice to her to get her to like me?"

These questions INFURIATE me! It shows a complete lack of being unaware of how attraction works which is why I am here to get you guys from A to B.

SIDE NOTE: Women don't need to understand too much about this. Remember, they have the leverage when they meet someone new. Don't complain about it. It is what it is. We adapt to it and learn!

What you should do when you see an attractive girl

  1. Keep calm. Beauty is common. You can see it everywhere. It should take more than that to get your attraction.

  2. If you are so moved by beauty, it shows that you don't hang around or associate with beauty often which reduces your value (she can tell by how your acting).

  3. If you do not hang around beauty often, why is that? Why are you not? Is it because other women choose not to? That means that other women are choosing not to be near you. Do they know something about you that she doesn't know? This is pre-selection.

The list can go on and on. The main thing you need to do is keep calm, keep the conversation light-hearted and have 0 expectations. Just enjoy the process!

Approaching correctly is a huge thing too. Knowing where, when, how, what to say are all factors that can play into your success.

Learn more, book 10 sessions and learn how to master this art!

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