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WARNING! War is closer to home than you think

War is unfortunate. Sometimes it is the only option.

But I'll tell you what isn't an option. Losing the war.

I'm not talking about war between countries. I'm talking about the war a little closer to home.

The war within yourself. Each day you go to battle. A battle to improve and do the right thing. A battle to do the difficult things. A battle to make the right choice.

The only way you can win this war is firstly to clear your mind.

Everyday there are vital tasks in your life that need to be done. We all know what they are and yet sometimes you do them and sometimes you don't.

1. Prioritise your tasks. Write a list. It helps. I know what I am doing daily. And once complete, I tick them off.

2. Limit relax time. It is easy to scroll social media for hours. Easy things hold no value.

3. Have an understanding of your position now, where you want to be in the near future and distant future.

REMEMBER If you lose too many battles, you lose the war.

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