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Winning the lottery would be bad for you!

You are probably thinking, “Seriously Stephen, let me win the lottery in peace!”

Well unfortunately, I cannot control who wins the lottery and who doesn’t. If I did, there wouldn’t even be a lottery at all.


Because I don’t believe in shortcuts. I believe in working hard and earning something. Receiving a huge amount of money for doing nothing will literally destroy most people.

Now I am not saying money is bad. In fact, everyone’s life goal is to be successful and a by product of that is money. I encourage people to earn their money...key word...EARN.

The skills that you learn on the journey to making big money is absolutely key and I would argue are even more valuable than the money itself.

Determination. Grit. Willingness. Risky taking. Drive. These are just a few of the skills which are tested and developed as you embark on your money making journey.

If you take the shortcut, you miss all these lessons.


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