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You’re doing your Birthdays completely wrong

As mentioned in the email, Birthdays are an unnecessarily embarrassing time.

All eyes are on you. For a lot of people, that is too much pressure to handle. They curl up in a ball, mentally and

physically, and wish that the surrounding people would stop staring and singing.

But I believe during these moments, it is a chance to shine confidence. To beam greatness.

It is not often that all eyes are on you.

But, when the time is right, it is one of the best moments to outshine everyone else.

Being confident we all know is a great trait to have. If you show confidence, you are respected. If you show confidence in pressured situations, you are respected and admired. You possess something that everyone dreams of being.

Learning to deal with pressure in easy situations like your Birthday will help you deal with the real pressures of life. I say easy because you are surrounded by people who like you (at least) whereas if you are on a date, in a work meeting or anywhere outside your home, noone has to like you. The social pressure is much greater. Therefore, the impact of your confidence is much greater too.

Feeling motivated to be more confident but don't know where to start? Build your confidence in 5 sessions.

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