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Your Mistakes Cost More Now And That is Good

What this comes down to is your mentality.

You see a mistake and think “Oh no, I made a mistake. I shouldn’t have done that. I’m terrible. Why do people like me? This mistake is the worst thing in the world.”

I see a mistake and think, “Ok, next time ill do it differently. Oh wow I just learnt something.”

See the difference?

The first person is not going to take risks again...or are very weary of taking risks. Also, they are falling to a victim mindset. If you are under 10 years old, you can be let off but as an adult, you know the world is a difficult place. You wouldn't want your child to adopt this mindset so why should you?

Whereas me, I will continue to have the high risk high reward mindset. This is a growth mindset. Knowing that whatever happens, you will be ok. This is a mindset I would give to my child because of the value you can learn from making mistakes.

The question is, “What mistakes are you making in your life?”

Once you know that, then you can get to work.

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