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1:1 Online Coaching

1 hour session where advice is given for the specific issue you have

Service Description

These sessions allow you to truly learn about yourself. They reveal what you know and more importantly what you need to learn/develop. In these sessions, it is not just about answering any questions. It is about full self development. The problems, the issues and the questions that you have are all connected with your self-development. You are exactly where you are meant to be and that is fine. By recognising that you need a change is the first step. The second step is taking action and this is where I come in. These 1:1 sessions are designed to help YOU as a whole...YOU as a person and YOU become your best possible version. From the start, I guarantee that I will be dedicated to achieving your goals. During the sessions, we will talk about various aspects of your life, dating, career, personal development and much more. We will understand together why you are in the position you are as well as come up with solutions and new objectives to work towards. We will be in it together from the start to the end.

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