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Money isn’t what men want, it’s something much deeper

A life as a man is extremely competitive in every aspect. We strive to be the best because the world we are born in is competitive and when we are born, we start at 0. We build our value up from the start and the higher we go, the more money we make. Parallel to this, we get more power and power which is what we truly desire. This is why back in the day, men travelled across the world trying to conquer everything. Even nowadays, men still do that!

Money is how we can show our power. We don´t buy a Lamborghini to show how rich we are. We buy a Lamborghini because we know not everyone can afford one and therefore we put ourselves above the rest. We stand out. In this world, money = power and we understand that from a young age.

Money is just an amplifier. If you didn’t have certain skills before and you were a bit of a loser, with money, you are just going to be a bigger loser!

If you developed yourself along the journey to making your money, you would be a highly skillful person and the money would amplify these traits too!

So NEVER take the shortcut.

Live and learn. Develop and prosper.

Let’s go!

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