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Testimonials from clients

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Stephen is incredible. A straight shooter, honest, insightful, understanding, and wise. I really appreciated his clarity and perspective during a time I really needed it for my relationship.

He is an absolute legend, and would highly recommend having a chat with him :) I'll definitely be coming back here if I need to have a chat.


Thanks to Steven, I finally felt better after the session now I know the steps that I need to follow. It was great 💕


Had a wonderful experience working out some relationship problems. Stephen showed great care breaking down my situation, challenging me on my beliefs and providing feedback to my questions.


The call was awesome! At first I was a little bit skeptical because I wasn’t sure how it was going to go but Stephan was genuinely super helpful! He gave me some perspectives I didn’t consider before and helpful tips for moving forward as a beginner in the dating world. I’m so glad I got a chance to chat with him


First of all thanks man for your understanding and time, appreciate it a lot.


Great conversation, it helped me a lot. I would definitely recommend it to a friend. Thanks!


Been having quite the heavy duty struggle with a breakup. Today I was having an especially low and terrible moment when Stephen actually reached out to me via reddit. Our talk went great. I still have work to do but he really helped me a lot; not only to feel better but gain some knowledge and perspective. Highly recommend. He's kind, sincere, and he has the knowledge and experience.


Great guy! He really made me see the reality of my situation and helped me confidence!


Honestly one of the most comforting and validating individuals who is honest and thorough. My free consultation provided me with so much info, and he was incredibly kind and empathetic. Definitely would come back even just for a general insightful chat.


Good insights and advice. He is actually interested in understanding the situation and trying to help out. Also, this is quickly and easily accessible via internet. I would definitely recommend it to those that seek help but think a psychologist is a step too far.


Hearing all these great advice & tips really helped me, I started asking everyone I know about what should I do, but when I had a chat with bethatsocialguy he really changed my pov & helped me come across me hurdles, thank you so much! I recommend people try his services!


I was really struggling with maintaining relationships. Stephen gave me honest feedback on myself. I respected the honest constructive criticism. I am doing the 10 sessions and approaching my relationships using his guidance and seeing immediate results in my dating life. It's definitely humbling but if you truly want to change and are open to real guidance - I recommend working with Stephen. It's an incredible opportunity for you to grow and improve your life. He's a real one and has your best interest in mind.


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