100 questions answered

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This video answers your questions. All the questions that are getting thrown around in your head right now about women is answered in the video. It will save you the time looking through the internet trying to figure out who is telling the truth and who is just trying to sell you the dream. 



All the topics and questions are below the video. You will see your questions there!








1. Texting

- After getting her number, how long should I wait before texting? 

- What to first text a girl?

- How to be attractive in text?

- Should I voice message?

- When should I call?

- How much should I invest?

- What if she doesn't reply?

- Is double texting bad?


2. Approaching

- What to say?

- How to know whether to approach or not?

- What happens if she doesn't hear me?

- What to do to get the girls attention?

- How long to stay talking to her for?

- Should I get number or Instagram?

- Should I give my number too?

- What if she rejects me?

- How do I know if she likes me?

- Where should I stand?

- What if she doesn't speak my language well?



3. Body language

- What to look out for if a girl is interested in me?

- What if she isn't interested?

- What are the top IOI´s (Indicators of Interest)?

- How to use my body language to be attractive?

- What is weak body language?

- What is strong body language?

- What to do if I push things too fast?

- How will I know if I'm not pushing things fast enough?



4. Friends with benefits

- How to get a friends with benefits?

- When to confirm the status?

- How to treat her?

- How often should I see her?

- What if she argues?

- What to do if she finds out about other girls?

- Should I tell her how I feel?


5. Talking

- What words to say?

- What should your tonality be?

- How fast or slow should I speak?

- What kind of volume should I speak at?

- Should I talk directly or no?

- Is it rude to be direct?


6. Dating

- How to prepare for the date?

- What to wear?

- Where to go?

- What to do?

- Who should pay?

- How should I act?

- How to know its going well?

- When to kiss the girl?

- When to escalate?

- How to go home with a girl?

- How to escalate when you're at home /at her house?



7. Flirt

- How to flirt?

- When should I flirt?

- Why should I Flirt?

- What is flirting?

- What are good flirting techniques?

- What are poor flirting techniques?

- How do I know she is flirting with me?


8. Instagram

- What should my profile be?

- What pictures?

- Who to follow?

- Should I like pictures?

- Should I comment on pictures?

- When should I do stories?

- Comment on her stories?

- How to private message girls?

- What to say?

- How to get her number?

- When to know whether it's the right time to get their number?

- Should I put girls on my stories?



9. Shit tests

- What are they?

- Why are they important?

- How will I recognise them?

- How do I pass them?

- How to know if I passed them?

- How to fail them?

- How to know if I failed them?



10. Bars

- How to approach?

- What to do if she is with friends?

- What if she is with guy friends?

- Should I buy her a drink?

- How many girls should I approach in one night?

- What if she rejects me?

- Is it a problem I don't drink alcohol?




11. Clubs

- How to approach?

- What to do if she is with friends?

- What if she is with guy friends?

- Should I buy her a drink?

- How many girls should I approach in one night?

- What if she rejects me?

- Should I dance?

- How to take a girl home?

- What if her friends take her away from me?

- Should I buy the VIP area?

- Is it a problem I don't drink alcohol?


12. Wingman

- Should I have a wingman?

- How can they help?

- How can a wingman be bad?


13. Going out alone

- Can I go out alone?

- Doesn't it look weird if I go out alone?

- What if they ask where my friends are?


14. Passive attraction

- What is it?

- What can I do to get it?

- I'm new to a city so how do i get it?


15. Other places

- Where can I approach women?

- What do I say?

- Are there times where I shouldn't approach?

- What are examples of places to approach?


16. Dealing with her friends (3)

- How to do deal with them?

- What if they don't like me?

- What to do if the friends get aggressive?