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When you are at home, it's easy to take in advice and think that you're going to use it. But have you ever been out and about alone or with friends and forgotten everything that you have studied? It can even happen to me too.

The course I have designed here is meant to give you the most valuable information so when you get stuck whilst you are out, all is not lost. You can watch the videos from your phone and jump straight back in the game again.


The videos included in this course are:


1. I'm not good enough

2. Stop giving a fuck!

3. How to pull the girl

4. Positive Motivation

5. Your needed ass-kicking

6. I can't approach

7. I need more attraction

8. I need more arousal

9. I need more comfort

10. I'm too scared to be physical

11. I ran out of what to say

12. Rejection is feedback

13. Cock-blocking friends

14. How to Pull

15. What to do in a club

16. What to do on a date

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